Our staff has more than 50 years of experience successfully supplying construction services to our clients in a wide variety of formats. We have experience working within the following contract formats:

  • Hard Bid Lump Sum
  • Negotiated Lump Sum
  • Negotiated Fee and GC’s
  • Design/Build
  • Time and Material
  • Unit Price
  • OCIP – Owner Controlled Insurance Programs
  • Continuing Services Agreements

Safety plays a part in all of our decision making. Our safe projects are no accident. We actively plan for our operations to be conducted safely and invest a great deal of resources into insuring safe operations.

We realize a by-product of our safety planning is that our projects experience an increased level of quality and productivity. We are firm believers that a safe project is a productive project.

Jackson Building Group is directed by President, Cynthia Jackson, and Vice President of Operations, Ed Jackson. Led by our experienced staff, we continue to supply first-class construction management and field services for select and new clients while also developing the next generation of “Jackson Built” project managers and craftspeople.